No longer in progress

When I finish a project I always feel relieved that I’m done, but at the same time I feel a bit empty. Now what? I get so consumed with what I’m doing that I forget everything else. Right now I have this empty feeling inside. I stayed up all night to finish this fake comic book that’s been rattling around in my head for a year and a half. I guess it occupied a large part of my brain because now I can hardly think. I don’t like this feeling. Well, here’s the final result anyway. I made the cover a year and a half ago.




Liz’s babies

The actor Lamorne Morris stars in my favorite TV-show New Girl and I’ve had the great fortune to meet him while I’ve been traveling across the United States. He’s very nice and funny. The other day he posted a picture on Instagram and wrote that we should tune in to the season premiere of New Girl to see how much they’d grown. That immediately sparked the inspiration to this drawing. It’s nothing like the drawings I usually do but I thought it was cute and funny.


The cast of New Girl

I do not own New Girl, that honor goes to Fox. This is not official work.

New Girl CastAs I’ve mentioned earlier I’m a huge fan of the show New Girl and when I saw the promotional photos for season 3 I got really inspired to make this drawing in color of the whole cast.

Julius Pepperwood – Zombie Detective

I do not own New Girl, that honor goes to FOX. This is not official work!

Thin crust pizzaI’m a huge fan of the show New Girl and after watching season 2 I got really inspired to make this book cover for a zombie novel written by one of the characters on the show.