No longer in progress

When I finish a project I always feel relieved that I’m done, but at the same time I feel a bit empty. Now what? I get so consumed with what I’m doing that I forget everything else. Right now I have this empty feeling inside. I stayed up all night to finish this fake comic book that’s been rattling around in my head for a year and a half. I guess it occupied a large part of my brain because now I can hardly think. I don’t like this feeling. Well, here’s the final result anyway. I made the cover a year and a half ago.




I need more time!

It’s hard to find the time to be creative when working 12 hours a day, but here’s a little something I’m working on right now because it’s an idea I’ve had for a year and a half and I finally decided just to go for it because it’s fun.


Julius Pepperwood – Zombie Detective

I do not own New Girl, that honor goes to FOX. This is not official work!

Thin crust pizzaI’m a huge fan of the show New Girl and after watching season 2 I got really inspired to make this book cover for a zombie novel written by one of the characters on the show.