Happy Holidays!

With a little help from my parents dog I wish you all a wonderful holiday no matter how or if you celebrate it! Love and peace to you all!



Art on the road?

I’ve been traveling alone from New York to Los Angeles for almost a month now. It’s kind of exhausting and so much to see that I haven’t had the energy to draw. But now I’m starting to really miss it so I’ve been doodling a bit. I’ve found an amazing chain of stores for art supplies. I think it’s called Blick. The one in Chicago almost made me cry. We have nothing like that in Sweden. They gave me a discount card so I’m going to do some serious shopping before I go home. In the meantime I bought a small pad and a pen. I can’t carry around very much stuff when I’m traveling between different cities. Otherwise I would buy the whole store! Me likey! This is what I’ve done so far whit the things and time I’ve got.



Too cute!


How cute is this? I found this little guy or girl outside my door when I came home. Unfortunately I scared away the mother, but she’s probably not far away. At first I thought it was just a rock, but then it jumped straight at me. I didn’t want to get too close so I had to back away. I had to snap a few pictures. It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!