Jurassic World

I made a coloring page inspired by the upcoming Jurassic World because…why not. Feel free to color it. It’s really fun!  



Work in progress?

I had this idea for a project that sounded really cool in my head. Now I’m not so sure. Since I’m obsessed with movies, most of my projects are movie related. This is no different. Anyway, this is step one of my project. I haven’t decided yet if there will be a step two. There are so many other things I want to do as well. This is supposed to be Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner transforming to the Hulk. 

Tale as old as time

Have you heard? Emma Watson has been cast as Belle in Disney’s upcoming live-action version of the Beauty and the Beast. Perfect casting if you ask me, but can she sing? Probably. The brilliant casting choice gave me the inspiration to draw a picture of Emma Watson as Belle. The book shelf behind her was a pain and took forever. I’ve always loved Disney and I learned how to draw by drawing Disney characters. I wish I still had them, but all my childhood drawings are gone. I guess I’m making up for it now.


No longer in progress

When I finish a project I always feel relieved that I’m done, but at the same time I feel a bit empty. Now what? I get so consumed with what I’m doing that I forget everything else. Right now I have this empty feeling inside. I stayed up all night to finish this fake comic book that’s been rattling around in my head for a year and a half. I guess it occupied a large part of my brain because now I can hardly think. I don’t like this feeling. Well, here’s the final result anyway. I made the cover a year and a half ago.



The Hobbit – Battle of the five armies

Sweden is one of the countries where the final installment of The Hobbit opens on December 10th. That’s tomorrow! The first screening is actually tonight at midnight and I’m going. I went to London last week and I came a few days ago with the idea to make something special for the big night at the local movie theater. My sister is the boss and I used to work there so I have connections. I wanted to make something cool for their doors so I made four of the characters on two sheets of paper. I had very little time. The one with Legolas and Thorin was made in a day and I hate the fact that it shows. I wish that big bird could come to life and just take a huge dump on Legolas’ head. With the help of my mother and a lot of tape I managed to get them up and it turned out way better than I expected! So happy about that!