Art on the road?

I’ve been traveling alone from New York to Los Angeles for almost a month now. It’s kind of exhausting and so much to see that I haven’t had the energy to draw. But now I’m starting to really miss it so I’ve been doodling a bit. I’ve found an amazing chain of stores for art supplies. I think it’s called Blick. The one in Chicago almost made me cry. We have nothing like that in Sweden. They gave me a discount card so I’m going to do some serious shopping before I go home. In the meantime I bought a small pad and a pen. I can’t carry around very much stuff when I’m traveling between different cities. Otherwise I would buy the whole store! Me likey! This is what I’ve done so far whit the things and time I’ve got.




The Boss

I made this drawing of Bruce Springsteen on commission. I’m not very happy with it, but I never am. I always feel that I can do better. Anyway I’m currently solo traveling from New York to Los Angeles with a few stops on the way so I may not post as much as I would like. I’ve got my drawing pad with me. Don’t leave home without it right?