Winnie the Bish

You can say that I’m obsessed with details, and letters on occasion. When I add the two the rest of the world disappears and I zone in on the task at hand. Yes, I’ve done it again. This time I got inspired by Winston Bishop from the TV show New Girl. There are not that many letters on this one. Maybe I’m turning in to a normal person, probably not. Anyway I did it and now it’s done!



The Oscars

As a big movie buff I’m super excited about the academy awards. I haven’t seen all the nominees because some of them haven’t opened in Sweden yet. Of the nine nominated for best picture only four have opened in Sweden. It’s a shame. There have been some amazing movies this year. This year Ellen Degeneres is hosting again. I like her show and I like her. She seems to be a very nice person. As a little warm up to the Oscars I made this portrait of her.