Olaf the Snowman

I really wanted to build a snow man, but unfortunately we don’t have any snow this year. Just a lot of rain. So I made one in papier mâché based on Disney’s latest animated feature, Frozen.


Do you wanna build a snowman?
I’ve posted these pictures earlier but it never occurred to me to tell you how I did it. Silly me! When I built Olaf I wanted to see if I could build it with stuff I hade laying around the house so maybe you’ll find my choice of material a bit odd. 1. I started […]

If you are interested in how I made it you can read about it here: (crossing my fingers that the link works)



2 thoughts on “Olaf the Snowman

    • Hi, sorry for the late reply. I couldn’t see your comment for some reason. I’ll try to explain. I started by building his head in clay. I use a clay that doesn’t harden and that I can reuse. When I was satisfied with it I smoothed out the surface with petroleum jelly. It also keeps the papier-mâché from sticking to the clay. I then made a cast of the face in papier-mâché. I used small pieces of copy paper in multiple layers. When that was dry I carefully removed the paper mold from the clay with an artist spatula. The edges will rip but that’s easy to fix later. Just be careful so you don’t rip the whole thing. To support the figure and to keep the separate parts together I used a paper tube. To keep the head from wobbling around I blew up a balloon until it was approximately the same size as the tube and then covered it with papier-mâché. When that was dry I removed the balloon and cut the paper so the tube would fit perfectly. I then fastened it to the inside of the head, behind the chin. After that I made the back of the head. I used pipe cleaners to make his “hair”. I covered them in masking tape and bent them to the shape I wanted and then covered them in papier-mâché. I made three holes on the top of his head where I fastened the “hair”. I then went over the whole head with another layer of copy paper. For the middle part of the body I made a donut out of newspaper and masking tape. Important to not cover this part in papier-mâché before you made sure that the paper tube will fit. The bottom part is made pretty much the same way except that the hole doesn’t go all the way through. For his feet I used styrofoam balls. I cut of a piece so they had a flat side. I covered them in papier-mâché so they would fit with the look of the rest of the figure. When dry I painted the whole thing white and finally I painted the face in the colors I wanted. I almost forgot to tell you about the arms. For the arms I used a plastic pipe that I cut in half. I wrapped the pieces in masking tape before I covered them in papier-mâché. For the fingers I used pipe cleaners in the same way as the “hair”. To keep the arms from falling out I bent them and wrapped the part that was going to be inside the body in several layers of duct tape. Hope this gives you some idea. The most important part of the figure is the piece that holds the whole thing together. I used a paper tube and that worked out fine. Just remember to keep checking so the pieces will line up on the tube, otherwise you may have some trouble to get the thing to stand and the whole figure will be crooked. I made the buttons out of sculpey.

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